AI Products Dominating In 2024

AI Products Dominating In 2024

Chances are good that you’ve heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence, or “AI,” throughout 2023 and into the start of 2024. Even in 2023, we already were talking about AI being a dominant force. But now, especially with Generative AI products like ChatGPT becoming more prominent in recent times, along with the AI Boom exponentially increasing the sales of Graphics Processing Units or GPUs from companies like Nvidia, it’s been nearly impossible to escape the AI hype train in some form or fashion.

Nonetheless, despite lots of hype- most people are still not sure what exactly AI does, how it works, what it means, or how it will help our lives be better. Absolutely, it is a lot to digest when it comes to the specifics surrounding AI- so no need to become an expert. Rather, if you just know about some AI Products that are out there to help make your life a bit easier, you’re already ahead of the game. Now, let’s dive in.

Essentially, AI is made possible by clusters of GPUs which are required for the iterative tasks, although some AI also is done via quantum computing, supercomputers and other formats. Regardless, complex computer networks configured for training of AI neural networks will work together for the purpose of aggregating vast datasets that can later be redistributed to end users in new formats. AI training requires big data, huge amounts of computing power, and also massive amounts of energy and capital.

Typically, when we hear about machine learning or artificial intelligence, it essentially means massive amounts of data being synthesized by advanced computing methods, and tuned to specific parameters, with the goal of creating computing resources with enough “intelligence” to absorb data and eventually learn more.

Large Language Models or LLMs are the most common capsule for AI deliverance in 2024 thus far, and the format was first popularized by the groundbreaking OpenAI product known as ChatGPT. While other attempts at making generative AI products did occur before ChatGPT, none of them have shown the efficiency or power of this model.

What makes LLMs and generative transformers so special? First off, LLMs and generative transformers are the AI products that allow you to enter simple prompts which will then receive precise replies from the transformer. The replies generated will often save the end user hours of research, and most LLMs in 2024 can produce works that are comparable to those of the average human.

AI truly has created a new world which will enable computer programs to become essentially self-learning and LLMs give the ability to basically recall (and in some cases create) newly digestible information to share with users who enter certain “commands” or “prompts” into LLMs with built in transformers such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, X’s Grok, and Microsoft’s CoPilot (built on ChatGPT), and other similar programs. However, for these LLMs to work- they must be “trained” for billions of different scenarios before being ready for public consumption. Even with the best resources and greatest talent in the world, AI programs still may generate information occasionally that is either biased or completely wrong- a phenomenon typically known as “hallucination.” Still, some believe that AI will reach a point where it’s more powerful than humans and this point of “superintelligence” will happen at a point in time which AI researchers have often pinpointed as “the singularity.” Are we to this point in 2024? Most say we are not, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some amazing products already out.

This said, some of today’s most prominent AI Products you may be learning about for the first time OR may be using already include: Generative AI Products like ChatGPT, Microsoft CoPilot, Grok from Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter), and others; AI Image Generators like Midjourney, StarryAI, Craiyon, and others; plus FlowerFieldz – The AI Super App.

Certainly, there are many more things to learn about AI and you can become an expert if you desire. This article was meant to be simply a brief overview from the beginner’s perspective- and in no way is this meant to be an endorsement of any third-party products. However, by simply knowing some of the most prominent and helpful AI products others are already using in 2024, you will be able to set yourself up for easy success.

Now, thanks to your time being spent reading this short article, you can enjoy your new knowledge and have fun the next time you try an AI powered product.


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