About FlowerFieldz™

At FlowerFieldz, we’re advancing automation! How? FlowerFIeldz™ is one of the foremost professional vending machine service providers, with the ability to sell almost anything- from food, candies, and beverages, to clothing, consumer packaged goods, tech products, and more- and we do this all completely autonomously while creating amazing amenities for our business partners.

But we’re working on a lot more than just vending machines. Our software products, combined into FlowerFieldz-The AI Super App- will be launching to the public soon. Our concept is simple: we plan to bring you many of the services, experiences, and brands you enjoy- and we’re connecting everything together in one innovative and powerful platform, enhanced by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Originally launched in 2020 as an advertising agency by our Founder and CEO Mitchell Chapman, FlowerFieldz- like many other companies- has seen new opportunities arise in the midst of the recent pandemic recovery efforts and hence we’ve chosen to pivot our business model to focus on our true destiny in autonomous services so that we can fulfill the needs of many more amazing customers and partners like you.

For some of life’s most important and common tasks… FlowerFieldz hopes to be your resource for getting things done while making life a little bit easier, better, more fun, and more efficient. Our motto is “you can have whatever YOU want.”

Thank you for your interest in FlowerFieldz! Now that you have learned more about us, let’s connect!

Please contact FlowerFieldz to join our pre-launch member waiting list, or for other important topics, such as investing inquiries, media coverage, a business partnership, vending machine services, applying for a career, our influencer affiliate program, or anything else.