5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Already Being Used In 2023

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Already Being Used In 2023

When you hear the words “Artificial Intelligence,” you may ask: “what does that have to do with me?”

Well, believe it or not, you may be surprised to learn that you probably have a lot more familiarity with some of society’s most advanced forms of AI than you realized before reading this article.

Artificial Intelligence, despite being in the early stages and the powers not yet being fully grasped, is now being thrown around by media pundits and businesses alike as the next great frontier of intelligence; a technology so vast that many believe the impacts could perhaps become one day as significant as telephones, automobiles, or the internet themselves were upon their respective unveilings. Certainly, while only time will tell exactly what will happen with AI in the future, one thing is definite- and that’s the fact that AI has been integrated into some of your favorite products already… with many more improvements to come.

So, while Artificial Intelligence may be a hot topic recently, and while some early iterations may be amazing but also flawed and even biased, it’s still a perfect time to ask: did you know that many products integrated into our daily lives already have components ran by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning? It’s true!

From quantitative trading being accomplished by super advanced algorithmic trading programs, to search suggestions, to voice assistants, to drones, and on and on… after reading this article you will realize soon that one thing is certain: AI has been integral to the performance of many global systems for a long time already.

There are a plethora of ways AI is already being implemented, read on to learn about 5 Of The Most Amazing Ways AI Is Already Being Used In 2023, so you can decide for yourself if AI will become more mainstream throughout 2023 and beyond.

5 Ways AI Is Already Being Used In 2023

1. Voice Assistants

Love them, hate them, or anything in between… but Voice Assistants like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are two of the most prominent examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning being applied on a vast scale in society today.

Sure, many of the responses these truly innovative pieces of technology seem to blurt out may not be exactly what you’re looking for and many others are already pre-programmed, but- nonetheless- many others are spot-on perfect. Most importantly, while it may not be something that the average person realizes when using these products- Voice Recognition, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are all crucial for the functions of both Siri and Alexa (to varying degrees), and both services are only getting more “intelligent” by the day as your various whims and wonders are funneled through these technologies.

While you can do your own research to learn more about the specifics of each technology, you can see already how AI is more prominent than you may have realized before. Now, after you are done reading, maybe you will feel the need to ask Siri or Alexa for more information about AI.

2. Autonomous Drones

What if there were airplanes that could fly themselves? Oh, yeah, that’s right… they already exist!

Admittedly, there are drones which require a pilot- like the ones you may fly to take amazing pictures and videos or just for hobbyists- and those are not autonomous nor most likely incorporating any facets of artificial intelligence (at least in civilian models).

However, there are also super-advanced aircraft which are able to effectively make decisions in real-time, identify targets and locations with ease, while learning on the fly (literally) and “self-driving/flying” themselves, keeping human pilots out of harm’s way.

Of course, you’re not going to go buy an autonomous flying drone online or at a store right now- as they are mainly utilized for military purposes currently. Nonetheless, these are likely amongst the most cutting-edge technologies in the world and certainly one of the finest examples of Artificial Intelligence being used in a real-world application.

Some examples of other “autonomous drone” or “self-driving” technology being used right now are self-driving vacuums like Roomba by iRobot, Alphabet Inc./Google’s autonomous vehicle service Waymo, and- some of Tesla’s beta self-driving features and other products.

3. Search Suggestions, Text Suggestions, And Ads

Some things are easy to take for granted after they become especially integrated into our daily lives, often to the point where it’s hard to remember what is was ever like without ______ (fill in the blank). Right?

Well, suffice it to say that Search Suggestions like on your favorite search engines which populate ideas for you before you’re finished typing… that’s AI and Machine Learning hard at work.

You know how your phone will automatically suggest words or entire phrases for you to insert into your texts? It’s not always perfect, but it is still impressive to see these features at work. Again, AI in action.

How about Ads? Love them, hate them, or ignore them completely… it’s hard to deny that advertisements for just about everything seem to be just about everywhere. Especially on your phone, laptop, and other internet-connected devices, have you ever been shocked how often a new Ad will pop up that seems to be for something you never have searched for and were JUST talking about, or repeated ads for something once you search for it once? Yep, those advertising engines are really robust implementations of machine learning and AI hard at work. Who knew? You do, now. That’s who.

4. Financial Applications And Quantitative “Trading Bots”

The Financial Industry, believe it or not, may be one of the most pioneering industries on earth when it comes to the usage of AI.

For example, have you ever traded stocks online on a popular platform or watched the stock market in action at all. Like, have you seen how quickly things can change in the markets- or when a stock, or the whole stock market, is driven aggressively into the red (or green)? If so, then you have certainly noticed how trades are executed- and the prices can change- at incredibly quick speeds. Well, it’s not some worker on the other end pressing “buy” and “sell” that is fulfilling the billions of trades that are made each day… it’s computers and algorithms that the market makers and financial firms are running, and these are AI that are smart enough to essentially run the stock market.

A vast majority of the world’s largest “market makers,” and many hedge funds, use super-advanced quantitative trading “bots” to basically execute all of their firm’s trades. Some financial companies that are using quantitative trading bordering on advanced artificial intelligence include: BlackRock, D.E. Shaw, Renaissance, Two Sigma, Citadel, AQR, Point72 (formerly SAC), Man Group, Millennium, and Bridgewater, just to name some of the more prominent ones. And it’s only getting more interesting daily.

5. Generative AI Programs

While it’s a fair bet that much work remains to be done in order to perfect AI and the various models you’ll see integrated across applications, even the most skeptical of individuals may have a bit more appreciation for the advanced technology we know as Artificial Intelligence. partially thanks to the launch of ChatGPT by OpenAI in November of 2022, as well as other products like the image generators DALL-E 2 by Open AI and others like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion just to name a few.

Playing with these early Generative AI models shows that AI, while not perfect yet, certainly has the potential to help humans make their lives easier in a variety of ways.

Cynics of AI and proponents of the technology both have many valid points which they raise, paramount among most being that AI must be deployed safely and efficiently to ensure the lives of humans are enhanced rather than harmed by the convenience which artificial intelligence may be able to provide one day.

Please be sure to note we are not partners or paid to promote any of the companies, services, or products mentioned in this article, and this is written solely for informative and entertainment purposes. That said, obviously the terminology in this article is broken down into the simplest and most understandable terms… but, hopefully, now you may be more inspired to give AI a chance and can certainly dig deeper to learn more in-depth information should you so desire.

No matter what, the AI permeating our daily lives already is certainly more prevalent than many of us realize… and now you know 5 more ways AI is being used consistently already in 2023.

What will the AI think of next?


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