Influencer Affiliate Program

The ultimate “gig work” experience is now here, with the FlowerFieldz Influencer Affiliate Program! Make money while you sleep, like a true boss.

APPLY TODAY to see if you qualify, and we will respond as soon as possible regarding your application’s approval or denial!

How does it work?

Easy- once you are approved to participate, you just post about FlowerFieldz to your social media followers and try to get new businesses to join our Vending Machine Services program and try to get your friends to simply sign up for our FlowerFieldz AI Super App Pre-Launch Waiting List using a unique code that will be given to you.

Wearing a bikini at the beach or pool, hiking a trail, biking, flying, staying at a great hotel, traveling to a new place, at a game, or eating at your favorite restaurant? Any time is a good time to post about FlowerFieldz!

Whenever a new business joins FlowerFieldz Vending Machine Services and provides your unique Influence Affiliate Code to us, you automatically get credited for this sale with a nice $100 payout for EACH LOCATION you get to sign up. *Please note that a business must be approved by FlowerFieldz to join our Vending Machine Services, at our sole discretion, and not all locations are eligible, so please try to target locations with high foot-traffic and the ability to generate significant sales.

When a new user signs up, you’ll get another $10 for every 100 people you get to join the FlowerFieldz AI Super App Pre-Launch Waiting List.

As an independent contractor, you post any time you want and say what you want.

Payouts are sent weekly, with uncapped commissions!

Eligibility Requirements

Anyone can apply, however most successful affiliates have at least 5,000 followers on Instagram and/or a website with more than 5,000 unique visitors per month.

We cannot require any posting frequency, but it is preferred for Influencer Affiliates to post about FlowerFieldz at least once per week for best results.

Must understand and agree you will be paid commissions as a 1099 Contractor and the Influencer Affiliate Program is an at-will contracting agreement that can be terminated anytime.

Must sign the FlowerFieldz Influencer Affiliate Agreement to participate and must provide payment information approved by FlowerFieldz to be eligible for commissions.